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Your Emergency Dentist in Richmond, BC

Are you experiencing a toothache? We will help you to alleviate your pain and to to bring a peace of mind.  Call us for a short notice emergency appointment.

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Dental emergencies have many causes and can happen at any time.

The common dental emergencies are the followings:

•    Toothache
•    Chipped/Broken teeth
•    An abscess 
•    Dislodged crowns
•    Lost fillings
•    Mouth ulcers
•    Pain on biting
•    Bleeding gums
•    Hot/cold sensitivity 

How to handle the common dental emergencies?


Call and make an appointment with your nearest available dentist. If possible, you can take some over-the-counter painkillers.

If swelling is present, you can place an ice pack to reduce some pain and swelling.

Chipped Tooth

Small chips and broken tooth are easily fixed by the dentist. If it is a small chip, fillings is sufficient. If it is a large breakage of a tooth, the tooth may need a crown (a.k.a a dental cap) and/or a root canal treatment.

Don't wait until it becomes painful. It is better to get a chipped tooth checked even if its not painful. Small chips can become larger problems later if left untreated. 

Save your chipped tooth pieces and rinse you mouth with salt water. See your nearest emergency dentist right away!

Lost filling


You need to see a dentist as early as possible. It the lost filling is left for too long, further breakage of the tooth or tooth decay can happen from the empty filling space.


If it is sensitive you can place a softened sugar-free gum into the spot to protect the area temporarily until you see your dentist.


Our main focus is patients' comfort. We use the latest technologies and dental chairs to provide the best dental experience for our patients.


Dentudio Dentists accept most of insurances and do not charge above BCDA fee guide.

Call us to find out more.


We welcome all new patients. Same day appointment and Walk-in Emergency is available. 


Using digital X-rays, we are able to reduce amount of radiation exposed to our patients. 

Knocked out tooth 

If the tooth is dirty, hold the knocked out tooth by the crown, rinse it under runny warm water quickly to remove soil. Place the tooth into cold milk and see a dentists right away.


The shorter the time the tooth stayed outside of the mouth, the better prognosis for the tooth when placed back in the mouth.

Lost Crown

Make an appointment immediately to see your local dentist.

If you still have the crown please bring the dislodged crown with you to your appointment.

If the tooth is extremely sensitive you can try putting your crown on to the tooth using toothpaste as temporary glue to protect the tooth.

Avoid anything too sticky as the temporary crown might fall off. 

In case of inhaling or swallowed the crown, it is also important to contact emergency medical physicians so appropriate x-rays can be taken. 


Do Dentudio Dentists offer same day appointments?

We normally recommend people to schedule or call before their appointment. However we realized that dental emergency can happen anytime. Please call us to see if there is an opening for your emergency.

Will antibiotic cure my dental infection?

Yes and No. Antibiotic will certainly able to aid in fighting bacteria when the source of infection is eliminated. In most dental infection, bacteria reside areas of tooth where antibiotics are not able to reach.  Consequently the infection can only be controlled and not able to be removed by antibiotic. It is only eliminated after definitive treatment such as extraction or root canal

Should I put ​painkiller on my tooth to help the pain. 


Do not put the painkiller in the mouth such as rubbing on the tooth. Most of the medications are to be taken orally and not topically. There are serious adverse effects if not used correctly. Make an appointment with your nearest Emergency Dentists as soon as possible. 

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