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Your Children's Dentist 
in Richmond BC

Dentudio Dentists is a kids' friendly dental office. Let us keep your child's teeth healthy. Children under 2 enjoy a complimentary 'chair ride'. Schedule an appointment today!

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Fissure sealants are polymer coatings that fill the grooves and fissures to protect teeth from plaque acids attack. The treatment is painless and non-invasive. 

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Having problem wiggling their teeth out or need a tooth taken out as a request from an orthodontist? We can help!

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Our super friendly dentists are experienced with kids all age. We strongly believe that building good dental experience at a young ages is critical in long-term oral health.

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Early Orthodontics

Early child orthodontic intervention can have establish beneficial facial growth patterns. This will reduce the future duration or even the need for braces. Find out how.

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Children Cleaning

Children are recommended to have a checkup and cleaning at least once every 6 month. We will check for dental and dental facial developments.

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Metal Crowns

Stainless steel crowns are used to repair a decayed baby molars and prevent it decaying further. They are made to fit the exact size and shape of a molar, and are used to cap teeth with large cavities.

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