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Incredibly Thin, Impossibly Strong

Minish is an innovative dental solution developed by Dr. Kang in Korea. Minish veneers are the ideal solution for those who want a minimally invasive and long-lasting option to improve their smiles. With our state-of-the-art process, we fill the damaged part of the tooth with materials that emulate the shape and properties of the original tooth. This restores the function and aesthetics of the damaged teeth and gums.

Minish Dental Veneer

Minish treats damaged teeth and gums by replacing the damaged areas of the teeth with materials most similar to natural teeth, without unnecessary shaving of the underlying real teeth.

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Minish prosthodontics are precisely manufactured, so they can be used as teeth for a long time with seamless closure and perfect teeth alignment.

Special Features

Minish is one of the finest and affordable establishments in the Seoul dental industry today.There are a number of benefits to receiving veneers at Minish.




Durable Material

In order to create seamless veneers, Minish uses digital dentures known as ‘Vita Blocks’, researched and developed together with German manufacturer VITA. 



With Minish Veneers, we have perfected the balance between strength and natural aesthetics. Our veneers possess a similar strength to that of natural teeth, boasting a hardness of 450Mpa compared to the 400Mpa hardness of teeth.

Natural Teeth



In the past, prosthodontics relied on strong materials that were easy to handle but posed long-term risks. These hard materials often caused damage to surrounding teeth, leading to fractures, chips, and wear over time. 

Minish Veneer

Ultra-thin Design



Unlike traditional veneers measuring 0.5 mm or crowns that are about 1.2 mm thick, Minish Veneers are exceptionally thin, measuring only 0.1 mm in thickness. This ultra-thin design ensures a seamless and natural fit over the teeth, providing patients with a comfortable and lifelike smile enhancement. Despite their thinness, Minish Veneers are engineered to be highly durable and resistant to chippingor cracking.



Minish Veneer 


Traditional Veneer 


Traditional Crown 

Minimum Preparation 

Enamel is the outermost protective layer of the teeth, and its thickness is crucial for maintaining tooth strength and resistance to decay. Minish Veneers, with their ultra-thin design of only 0.1 mm, are significantly thinner compared to traditional veneers. This means that less enamel needs to be reduced during the preparation process. By preserving a greater portion of the natural enamel, Minish Veneers help maintain the overall thickness and integrity of the tooth structure.


Minish Veneer 

Prepless to very subtle polishing is required for the Minish Veneers By polishing the outer surface only, your Minish dentist will preserve the enamel layer of the teeth and to give smoother surfaces for the veneers to be adapted to.


Traditional Veneer 

Traditional veneer prep involves removing a significant amount of enamel,  about 0.5-0.7mm of enamel will be removed. This process is usually done under local anesthesia to ensure that a patient is comfortable and relaxed. 


Traditional Crown 

Traditional Crown prep involves removing a great amount of enamel. About 1.5-2mm of the patient's natural teeth will be shaved, exposing the enamel. causing it more likely to be  damaged and eroded. 

Ultraprecision Technology

As treatment without precision can be problematic in the long run, Minish therapy is centered around precision throughout the entire process. From teeth alignment to production, to binding teeth with our materials.

 Therefore, we make sure to digitally scan teeth instead of the old mould method. Minish therapy is centered around precision throughout the entire process. 

To make prosthetics, every dentist requires a step to mimic the patient’s teeth in one way or another. Previously, we used materials such as rubber molds, as many dentists still do today. But between the teeth, small gaps were often not fully formed under the rubber mold. Therefore, it became necessary to shave the teeth in order to cover them with veneers.


At Minish, we use a 3D scanner to scan the whole mouth, even including areas typically considered difficult to capture. 

After converting all the shapes into digital 3D models, we send this information to our in-house Minish Lab. Minish Lab creates each set of veneers through a highly accurate digitized process that avoids material deformation.

Tailored Exclusively for You

Minish Treatment Procedure


Natural Tooth

Cross section of normal tooth structure

The amount of Minish Preparation

After Minish Preparation

Minish Insertion

(side view)

Minish Insertion

(front view)

The Golden Ratio for Teeth

The most ideal smile line


The most ideal ratio of each tooth width and length


Width: Length = 1:1.25

Comparison of different width/length ratio


 The most ideal ratio 1:1.25

The ratio of long teeth


The ratio of short teeth


The ratio of teeth with same length and width 


Smile Makeover after Minish Treatment


Before Treatment

After 6 Minish Treatment

After 8 Minish Treatment

Before & After

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