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Dr. Steve Ra

"Let me help you avoid dental hassles in your routine. Instead, fill your days with more valuable experiences."

About Dr. Steve

My name is Dr. Steve Ra, a passionate dentist with a unique journey that has shaped my approach to patient care. I was born in Seoul, Korea and embarked on an educational adventure that took me to New York and Toronto before earning my Bachelor of Science degree from Ryerson University.

Driven by a deep desire to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives, I pursued my Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree at the University of Melbourne in Australia. Coming from a family of doctors, I always admired the idea of providing medical help and supporting the well being of others.

For over two years, I worked in a remote community in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, gaining invaluable dental and personal experiences. This immersive experience not only honed my skills but also instilled in me the importance of patient centered care. I learned to prioritize effective communication, ensuring my patients feel comfortable, understood, and actively involved in their dental journey.

I find immense joy in performing aesthetic dental treatments. Witnessing the transformation of smiles and the restoration of dental health brings me great satisfaction. I believe in constantly expanding my knowledge and skills, which is why I am an active member of both the Canadian Dental Association and the BC Dental Association. Staying up-to-date with the latest technology allows me to provide the highest quality care to my patients. Visit Dentudio Dentists in Richmond, and I'll assist you in achieving optimal dental health.

Beyond my profession, I embrace a balanced lifestyle. I love exploring the great outdoors, engaging in various outdoor activities that invigorate both my body and mind. Staying active through exercise keeps me energized and focused. I also enjoy working out at a gym to strengthen both mental and physical ability. 

A fun fact about me: I have been cutting my own hair for over 20 years and still am! Almost no one believe it when I tell them this little secret of mine.

Areas of Strength

Resin bonding

Prevention Management

Wisdom Extraction

Root Canals

Dental Pain Management

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