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DIY: Oral First Aid Kit

Do you have an oral first aid kit at home? Are you prepared for a dental emergency?

Just as it is important to have a first aid kit at home, an oral first aid kit should be close by as well. Oral first aid kits are helpful in many ways as they can be used under all sorts of conditions, from minor complications to alleviating the pain if the patient needs to make a trip to a dentist. Therefore, it is critical that you make sure to put together an oral first aid kit!

What you should include:

-Dental mirror -Dental floss

-Cotton balls -Cotton Swabs

-Sterile gauze -Sealable plastic bag

-Toothbrush -Tweezers

-Wash Cloth -Aspirin

-Instant ice pack -Oral pain relieving gel

-Bottled water -Medical exam gloves

-Salt, paraffin -Oxygenating oral cleanser

Although the kit does not replace professional treatment, you can use it to treat minor mouth injuries as well as help alleviate or control major oral problems until the you can get to a dentist! For dental emergencies, contact our office at 604 370 1450 to schedule an appointment.

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