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Need a filling?

Getting fillings done may sound frightening to many first-timers, but they are critical in maintaining and protecting your teeth from future decays. Fillings are often needed for many instances such as a chip in the tooth, but most commonly they are needed to restore your teeth from cavities.

What to expect:

First step:

The dentist may give you local anesthesia, which is a numbing injection to relive any pain or soreness in the tooth during the procedure.

Second step:

The dentist will begin to remove the decay in the tooth by using a drill and create a suitable shape in the tooth for the filling.

Third step:

The dentist will etch the tooth with a gel for the purpose of bonding the filling with your tooth.

Fourth step:

Depending on the type of filling done, the dentist will layer on the resin and apply bright light application to strengthen the filling.

Last step: the dentist will polish tooth after the filling has been placed.

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