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Whiten your teeth at home!

Want to get whiter teeth without using whitening products or whitening toothpastes? Certain foods can help with whitening your teeth as they contain various minerals and compounds that can accelerate the whitening process! As good as it sounds, you may even be able to whiten your teeth by eating your favorite foods!

Tart foods

Saliva is one of the most helpful agents in eliminating staining on the teeth from food particles, which can be easily produced by consuming tart foods. Some tart foods, including apples and grapefruits can assist in increasing saliva production, which in turn can help to avoid staining your teeth!

Dairy products

Yogurt and cheeses are extremely high in lactic acid, which helps to protect your teeth from decays and also in washing off stains on the teeth for a whiter look

Crunchy foods

Crunchy foods, like apples and celery are useful in teeth whitening as they contain high levels of malic acid, which increases saliva production. As we mentioned above, saliva is one of the easiest tools to give your teeth a whiter appearance by washing away left over food particles.


Bromelain is an ingredient contained in most toothepastes as a protein used to remove surface stains and plaques on teeth. Believe it or not, by eating just a piece of pineapple following a meal does the same job.

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