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The Power of Smiling

power of beautiful teeth

We live in the hope of becoming happy. Happiness is not merely a wish. It is a state of emotion, just like sadness and anger. Just as no one can predict or plan for his/her future frustration, happiness cannot be meticulously planned either. It is an emotional state, a reflection of the present. So, if we only focus on having happiness in the future, we might miss out on how to live joyfully today. With the knowledge of methods, one can ignite it instantly and as these moments of happiness accumulate, I, and we, create a joyful life. As a dentist, I want to discuss how teeth contribute to happiness.

The most effective way to trigger happiness is to be in positive emotions, which is simply done in the brain by smiling. When you put on a smiling expression, your brain perceives it as a signal of happiness and a positive mood, making it easier to enter a state of positivity. Even the act of contracting the muscles associated with a smile can cause the brain to release dopamine, which is related to positive emotions. When I feel positive emotions, others may appear happier, and the world may seem more optimistic. Looking at others ultimately means looking at ourselves reflected in them. This is why positive emotions contribute to healthy interpersonal relationships. It's not that happy human relationships bring happiness, but rather that happiness brings about happy relationships. To maintain successful interpersonal relationships, we must first cultivate positive emotions.

If you're interested in gaining the confidence to smile more often, consider making a visit to the dentist a priority. Many patients have been seen giving up on smiling due to insecurities about the appearance and color of their teeth. If you've been holding back your smile due to dental insecurity, you can transform your teeth to be healthy and beautiful. There is virtually no treatment that modern dentistry cannot handle today. If misalignment is the issue, orthodontic treatment is an option. If you lack confidence due to yellowing or the shape of your teeth, resin-based restorations, ceram

ic treatments, or teeth whitening can help. If you're embarrassed by gaps when you smile, you could opt for implant or bridge treatments. If visible gums are a concern, techniques such as gum recontouring, grafting, or even Botox can prevent excessive upper lip muscle contraction, revealing more of your gums. Furthermore, maintaining healthy teeth through dental visits, preventing dental diseases that could hinder your smile, and seeking advice and guidance from dental professionals are crucial steps.

Of course, dental issues are not the sole cause of an inability to smile and experience happiness. External and internal issues can also contribute to a lack of positive emotions, such as family problems, conflicts with others, social status, illness, and financial difficulties. To address these sources of unhappiness, we must continually strive for self-improvement, dedicate efforts towards our personal growth, and educate ourselves. These challenges I leave for you.

We all have the potential for happiness. Happiness is a responsibility of life. As a dentist, at the very least, I should contribute to preventing the notion that one cannot smile due to dental issues.

Feel free to ask me any questions related to your dental concerns at Dentudio Dentists in Richmond. I would be delighted to provide guidance for achieving a beautiful and healthy smile.

Posted by Dr. Gloria Jung, DDS, BSc


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