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Dental Extractions

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A dental extraction is the removal of teeth from the dental avelous (socket) in the alveolar bone. These days, teeth are extracted less frequently because retention of teeth is nearly always better than extraction. However, there are times when extraction is the best treatment option.

Extractions are performed for a variety of reasons, but most commonly to remove teeth which have become unforeseeable. Here are some of the reasons why teeth might need to be extracted:

Reasons for extraction

- Extensive damage to a tooth

- Tooth decay

- Dental trauma

- Periodontal disease

- Prevention of complications

- Orthodontic treatment

- Impacted wisdom teeth

The removal of a tooth or teeth is only done after careful consideration and discussion with your dentist. Every effort is made to preserve teeth because they function much better than artificial teeth such as dentures, bridges or implants.

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