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Sensitive teeth & Pregnancy

Do you find yourself experiencing sensitive teeth randomly during your pregnancy? You're not alone!

Sensitive teeth is a common symptom among expecting mothers as your body is constantly changing, so a feeling or soreness in your teeth and gums are totally normal!

How does pregnancy affect my teeth and gums?

1. Hormonal changes - changes in hormone discharges during pregnancy can affect the way we respond to bacteria, which can lead to infection in the gums and teeth.

2. Blood flow - increases in blood flow in the body is needed to compensate for both the weight of you and your little one, therefore, causing the your gums to feel tender to touch.

3. Gum disease - Pregnant women are more prone to gum diseases due to hormonal changes and the increase in blood flow.

How to cope:

1) Use soft-bristled tooth brushes

2) Make a list of certain foods that trigger your sensitivity and avoid them

3) Eat less sweets

4) Make an appointment with your dentist!

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