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Protect your teeth from the cold!

Many illnesses such as colds and coughs emerge during colder months, including oral issues too!

Your teeth are used to your normal body temperature, so changes to the temperature in the environment will more or less cause discomfort in the mouth. However, if you do experience pain consistently lasting more than a few days, be sure to contact your dentist in case of any other underlying issues.

So how can I protect my teeth?

  • Breathe in cold air through your nose - Breathing in cold air through your mouth can affect certain areas of your teeth and the gum-line

  • Refrain from clenching your jaw - Clenching your jaw can cause several issues, including jaw pain, tooth pain and even tooth erosion!

  • Take good care of your sinuses - Inflammation from your respiratory tracts can often times be mistaken for tooth pain.

  • Try using sensitive toothpaste - Try using a fluoride base toothpaste to reduce tooth sensitivity during the cold!

Remember, sometimes tooth pain in cold conditions is inevitable, just be sure to follow your normal tooth care routine!

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